My Story

I tell everyone how important it is to tell your story.  Then I did a review of my own website and realized that I got so busy helping others tell their story that I forgot to tell mine.  See I’m human! I forgot about the first rule of Inbound Marketing- tell your story.

About me  

Truth be told it’s really easier to tell others stories than it is mine.  I have so much to tell that I always have a hard time picking which parts of my story I should tell.   So I’ll start with some background and family information.

First and foremost I am the mother of 4. Three girls and one boy.  I have homeschooled my children from the start.  This year marks 20 years of home education.  Which will explain to some of you why I’m a coach.  I love to educate others.  It’s in my blood.inbound marketing

Second, I have been right where you are.  Starting a business but not really knowing how to market my services.  Relying on word of mouth to bring in new clients.  Or have a product that I know others would love to buy.  But not knowing how to get the products in front of them.

With the internet marketing, you can do these days, there are so many ways to you reach out to others.  So many that it’s hard to know which ways are true and which are just “systems” that rob you of your hard earned money.

Several years ago,

While working as a work from home customer service provider, I stumbled onto Hubspot.  Hubspot is an online marketing hub platform that helps businesses to market themselves on the interwebs.  There are several different hubs that they automate and is great for an all in one space product.  While I was in training for this product I fell in love with the Inbound Method.  It is what I had been searching for over the years.  A way to market that was not spammy, in your face and drove people away.

For the next few years, I worked with agencies to help them automate their marketing messages.  Then I moved into the freelance realm.  I still work with a few agencies.  I’m their ‘Girl Friday’.  When they need something done by Friday but no one has the time to load it, they call me in.

While I love this I found myself talking more and more with local business’ about how they can market on the Internet using some if not all of the strategies that Inbound Marketing uses.  I found that many of those new business owners who are taking a chance on themselves were afraid of the internet.  Not because it’s vast or has so many options.  No, they were afraid because they just did not know who to trust online.

I found that I was taking 2-4 hour meetings with them.  Showing them how to impove their websites and how to properly use social media for their business.  But feeling like I was not doing enough.  That there were more people who needed the information but were not getting it.

So I moved into the realm of coaching and hosting webinars discussing the different stratagies you can use to market yourself online.  And offering more indepth coaching to those who need it.

But why do I do this?  I know that there are great people out there that have services and products that could change lives.  I want to help them get that message out there.  Are you one of those people who needs the help?  Click the button below to reach out.

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