Inbound Marketing for Crafters

Even the crafter can use inbound marketing.

So how can Inbound Marketing for crafters work?

Well first, you would start by defining your story.  Why do create what you create?  Did you choose to walk down this path or did you just happen to stumble upon it and fell in love?  Once you know your “Why” you can then start to share it online.

Inbound Marketing for CraftersSocial Media is a great place to educate people about Who you are and What you do.   With Facebook and Instagram, you can start to grow a following with a continual story running.  The images you share here can greatly increase your sales.  Make sure you tell them how they can purchase from you.  A buy now button or a link to your online store.  You can use Twitter to announce sales or places you will be.  Send out quick updates on a project with a picture.

With a blog, you can give your back story.  You can talk about a new process you are trying.  You can even showcase a new product that you are loving.  A blog can even show your failures.  A little humor in those failures could help your “team of followers” to back you even more.

See people love the story behind what they buy.  You tell your story all the time when you are standing in your booth at the fairs.  Now you can do the same thing online and reach more people.

Online you can share pictures of all your products.  Share images of projects in process.  Pictures are great ways to tell about what you do.  Make sure they are clear and tell a great story when you use them.  Use these pictures to link back to your own website where you sell your products.

Draw people to you with a great story and they will tell others about you.

If you would like more information on how to tell your story online you can access my course for crafters and artisans here.


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Writen by Tina Armstrong

Tina is an Inbound Marketing Professional who seeks to make sure you get started out on the right foot with social media. Come back often to keep up to date with the latest in the industry best practices.

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