Today’s consumer

Is quickly changing the marketing landscape.

With the internet in our hand, we can quickly:

  • change our dinner reservation.
  • choose a new restaurant to visit.
  • find out more about a new item we saw someone else using.
  • call for a lift home.
  • answer another person’s questions.
  • pull up maps that will show us a way around the construction.

So how do we use this new marketing landscape to market our services?
We take the time to know our target prospects.  We engage with our prospects.
We provide the best content!  We listen.  We tell them our story.  Inbound Marketing for small businesses

Inbound Marketing for the smallest of businesses revolves around telling your story.  Why should these people buy from you?  What do you have to offer them?  Do you have a story they can get behind and perhaps become a part of?

Here at TA Inbound, we like to take the time to teach small business owners how they can use the Inbound Method of Marketing to their advantage.  A few simple steps can get you started on a new path.

We will take a look at your website and give you the industries best practices.  We can guide you in building a stellar social media presence.  We can show you the little things that help with engagement on social media.