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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been reading a lot of blogs.

I have also been grimacing at a lot of blogs!  As I have been talking to many blog writers I’m finding a trend.  Many people go into blogging thinking only about how it will benefit them.  Forgetting that if they want to benefit from a blog they have to think of the reader.

So I’m going to list what you need to think about when you are writing your blog.  Be it for personal or business.

bloggingBe careful of your colors.

Strong or neon colors turn many people off.  And clashing colors will have people leaving quick as a click.  Make sure your colors are complementary and not blaring.  Best tip is to find a color family that reflect your brand and use that on your website and social media.

Choose your fonts carefully.

Script and handwriting fonts are fun.  But they are hard to read in large amounts.  So save them for the Title, headlines, and quotes.  Use a typeface font for the paragraphs.  Our brains are used to reading typeface fonts so they are easy for us to read quickly.  But script and handwriting fonts are harder for us to read and if they page is all script many people will leave before they read.

Use Headers for topics, points, and/or transitions.

FYI Search engines look for your keywords in your headers.  So try to include it in at least one header.  Headers also help to break up the text,   making it easier for the reader to absorb your information.

WHITE SPACE is your friend.

Empty space is a good thing.  As you have been reading my blog today have you noticed that there are large blank spaces throughout the blog?  Have you noticed how easy I am making it for you to read this list quickly?  You want to do this for your readers too.

Keep your paragraphs short and to the point.

Use short paragraphs.  Be to the point and concise.  With over 1 million pieces of content being read a minute, you need to keep it short and sweet.  This will keep them coming back.

Does this list overwhelm you?  Are you needing help starting your blog?  Or are you looking for help cleaning it up and reformating your older blogs?  I can help.


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Writen by Tina Armstrong

Tina is an Inbound Marketing Professional who seeks to make sure you get started out on the right foot with social media. Come back often to keep up to date with the latest in the industry best practices.

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